​"Listen To The Stars"

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           This print book makes a great accompaniment to the Audio Book of the same name .

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           To my fellow amateur, professional and soon to be beginner astronomers...​

Thank you for choosing this Messier Astronomy Reference & Sketch Book,

                                              "Listen To The Stars".

                  As you will soon see, this book is more than just sketch pages.

Like many of you, I enjoy the many aspects of this fascinating & rewarding hobby/profession. Besides the visual element, there are other "spin-offs" like, imaging, astro art, software, chart reading & DIY telescope making to name a few.

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​History & Facts Pages are adjacent to every page. This allows you to read about the object while doing the optional sketching. 

  • Object Log - photos of every Messier Object with information and check off boxes.
  • ​Atlas Info - more advanced information
  • Personal Viewing Notes
  • Messier Objects by Constellation
  • Messier Objects by Season
  • Messier Marathon Info

But no matter what sparks your interest, you've probably accumulated many pages of charts, drawings and notes. I know I did.

When I began sketching, none of the templates on the Internet gave me everything I was looking for. so I customized my own sketch templates to include key information that reads more like a reference page than just a sketch sheet. I even included a photo of the Messier object to help verify what I saw.

Additionally, there is a globe to indicate exactly where in the sky the object was located.

​                                           But I decided to take it a step further...

              One such topic, Sketching, has a huge following of people. Web sites such as:

                          Astronomy Forum , Cloudy Nights & Astronomical League

even have awards for sketching certain amounts of objects. If sketching is not your thing, they have a Visual Only section where all that is required is to list the objects you have seen.

The Astronomical League has numerous other programs that will garnish you and award or two, depending on which program suits you.

I realized that I wanted to create a Messier Book that, when completed, would be more of a reference book...or better yet, a display book that would look great on any table. So I decided to add much more to this "Sketch Book".

Book Introduction

The book ended up becoming an excellent reference and sketch book. It can be used at the scope or the info can be added later at your leisure. It becomes a culmination of facts, history and sketches which nurtures that creative outlet for your viewing sessions.