Don't just read about the stars... "Listen To The Stars"

As many amateur astronomers will attest, soon after you begin your pursuit of the stars, you may possibly venture into the many other creative areas that astronomy provides. Photography, research, sketching, or even the building of telescopes , etc.

I first ventured into the sketching aspect as it required very little in the way of investment. But as I viewed these wondrous objects through my telescope, I found myself constantly reaching for my cell phone to take a picture of what I was viewing.  

For sketching all that is needed is a pad and pencil. Soon after, I decided I wanted a little more than just sketches so I designed my own custom templates that also featured pertinent information regarding the object I was drawing. Add to this, some interesting facts, charts and lists and I soon found myself overwhelmed with paper. The idea was to now design these pages into book form.


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“Listen To The Stars” was created. A fascinating all-in-one book on the 110 Messier Objects.  This book now serves as my sketch, history and reference manual. The listing pages allow me to see what Messiers are viewable by season, constellation, marathon, etc. I can also record date seen, location, time and much more.

But you may be thinking, “Why THIS title for a book?”…read on…

During one of my viewing sessions, I recall re-visiting one of my favorite Messier’s, M13 in Hercules. The next morning, I would read all the facts about this incredible object. But something was lacking.

The next night, while again viewing M13, I read the facts at the scope. This, as you know, requires a red light as to not interfere with your night vision. This can be difficult at times. Add to this, going from eyepiece to paper, eyepiece to paper to…well you get the idea. Although it added greatly to the session, something was still missing.

Ah…why just READ about the stars, why not
“Listen To The Stars”. Wouldn’t it be fun to listen to the history and facts while never taking your eye from the telescope or binoculars?

Think about it… You were able to hunt down an elusive object or you're revisiting a favorite. You turn on your audio player and now you can listen to all of the interesting history of this famous object you are viewing…all while never taking your attention away from the view.

                                                               To hear facts, such as:

                               “…You are looking at a stellar nursery where stars are born.

                                                                              Or ,

  “…It contains only a dozen or so variable stars and is estimated to be 13.7 billion years old.”


                                                                 Another example,

                    “…there is enough dust/debris, in the nebula, to create 30-40k earths!”

                                         And maybe this one will capture your attention…

                 “It took the light you are looking at over 65 million years to reach your telescope.

                            It left that object while dinosaurs were still roaming the Earth.”

There is something very astonishing to read that an object you are looking at is over a

                                                               BILLION years old!

It will give you the sense of viewing “live” history. It will fully immerse you into the view.

So…”Listen To The Stars” audio book was born. This book is the accompaniment to the print book of the same name. It is not required that you purchase both although each does compliment the other quite well.

This book can give you excellent information in locating your object as well as document and sketch your findings. The audio book is meant to just sit back, relax, listen to the history and just ‘Enjoy The Views’.

         You will be happy to know that a portion of the proceeds will be going to the

                       Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia & Shriners Hospital for Children

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is the nation's first hospital devoted exclusively to the care of children. Since their start in 1855, CHOP has been the birthplace for many dramatic firsts in pediatric medicine. The Hospital has fostered medical discoveries and innovations that have improved pediatric healthcare and saved countless children’s lives. Today, families facing complex conditions come to CHOP from all over the world, and their care and innovation has repeatedly earned them a spot on the U.S. News & World Report's Honor Roll of the nation's best children's hospitals.


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​"Listen To The Stars"

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